Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we accept scans from all scanners as long as they are in an .stl format

Yes full training will be provided for dentists and support staff

There are no yearly fees. All fee's are included in your lease fee's

As many as you required

Yes, your contact is per scanner

We have a 48 hours repair or replacement warranty in place (this does not apply to accident damage)

5 working days in the lab

If you are local to us, then our friendly driver will deliver the job back to you. Alternatively we will send the case back to you via Royal Mail

Yes, you will need to incorporate this item of equipment within your practice insurance

We will be the first port of contact for your 1st line support

Yes, these can be sterilized in your autoclave and reused

The scanner can be used for  invisalign cases, you will need to register with invisalign once you setup the scanner

Yes you can send scans to other labs however you must meet your minimum requirements with us as per your contract

Yes a laptop specifically built for this software will be provided.

You can either renew your lease for a further 1,2 or 3 years, or you can opt to buy the scanner from us and take over the ownership

You're allowed to roll over each month until the renewal period, if at the end of the year, you have not met your target, you will


This is an advanced tool that lets labs and dentists share case information and view 3D designs on-line (also via an app).

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